JNIS has all the facilities of a modern, well equipped school. Students are encouraged he includes themselves in various curricular and co-curricular activities to build up well framed personality. Students are motivated to form various activity clubs according to their interest. Other facilities available to students include:

Art and Craft Gallery

The JNIS has well equipped Art and Craft Gallery in which the students can sharp their skills.


As C.B.S.E guideline is dedicated, qualified counselor is the member of J.N. International School team of innovative batch of teachers.

Health Care

School is promised to maintain the good health of children and adolescents by working with parents and health professionals programs at schools. A team of well qualified doctors visit the school for a through check up individual record of each child is kept and followed up.


The JNIS has fully equipped laboratories for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and S.Sci. Where the students can get the practical knowledge.

Library And Learning Center

The school has a well stocked library with reference books encyclopedias, factious, magazines and journals on various subjects to encourage reading habit among children.

Music and Dance Room

The JNIS offer music and dance facilities to all the students for which separate music and dance rooms are provided.

Physical Education

The school has a specious play ground and has facilities for Athletics. Regular coaching is impasted in games during the activity period.

Skating Rink

A skating rink is available in J.N.I.S.